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Looking for a gallery module that have outstanding design and functions for grouping your media? Look no further, kXGallery brings your items with great effects such as dimming, zooming and slideshows. It does not have any restrictions on what media you can show; images, web pages, flash movies. Everything you can possible put on a web page, kXGallery can show it. With our easy to understand interface you can upload, sort, autogenerate thumb nails, rescale images and customize the design of the gallery.

Basic ($49.99)
License for publications on one portal on one installation server.
Premium ($99.99)
License for publications on ten portals on one installation server.
Ultimate ($199.99)
License for publications on unlimited portals on unlimited of your installation servers.



  • Gallery that shows its content with great effects such as dimming, zooming and slideshows.
  • Insert images, Web pages, Flash, Movies, DNN Modules etc into the gallery.
  • Group your items with albums.
  • Allow users to make comment upon each item. Comments can be moderated.
  • Allow users to rate each item. Ratings can be moderated.

Gallery Appearance:

  • Two different javascript library to cover all effects you possible may want in a gallery.
  • Automatic slideshows for images.
  • Hovering effect for thumb nails.
  • Customize look and feel by using CSS per module. kXGallery comes with a set of predefined css templates which can be easily applied using a dropdown list box.

Item handling:

  • Create tree structure with albums, with possibility to put items and subalbums in every album.
  • Four different modes for grouping items: Single Image, Image Gallery, Single Page and Page Gallery.
  • Use paging to divide your gallery into smaller pages. Convienient for galleries which have a lot of items.
  • Gallery supports jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif etc as image format.
  • Gallery can insert web pages, flash files, DNN Modules or movies. 
  • Define name, alternate text, description, thumb nails, sort order for each item.
  • Autogenerate thumbnails for images.
  • Autoscale images.
  • Sort items.
  • Import and Export gallery modules.
  • Searchable items.
  • Set size of window to display web pages.
  • Bulk insert images by using zip-file.
  • Read Meta Data from jpgs to be used in name, alt and description text.


  • Embed Windows media, QuickTime and RealMedia(experimental support).
  • Automatic generation of WVX file for streaming Windows Media
  • Supports DotNetNuke 4.5 and above.
  • Supports SQL 2000 and 2005.

 Tested on Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera and Safari.

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